St Peter's Catholic School

School History

St Peter's Catholic School, was originally called St Theresa's Convent School, and was first opened by the Sisters of Mercy in 1927.  In its early days, young boys boarded in the large convent adjacent to the school which was located on the present netball courts.  On 8 June 1969, the existing school building was blessed and opened by the Most Rev. Leonard Anthony Faulkner D.D., Bishop of Townsville.  The building was erected on the original site of St Peter's Church which, in the early days, served as church and school.  The church is now located behind the school in Scott Street.

The Sisters of Mercy completed their service to the Parish in 1976 and the first lay principal was appointed in 1977.  Since then, there have been eight lay principals who have continued to emphasise the Catholicity of the school.

Today, St Peter's Catholic School continues to strive towards excellence in the development of all aspects of the child: spiritual, academic, social, cultural and physical.

Patron Saint

St Peter

Saint Peter, the first Pope and Prince of the Apostles, was a simple fisherman, when Jesus invited him to follow Him, saying, "I will make you a Fisher of Men".

He was originally called Simon, but Jesus changed his name to ‘Peter' which means ‘Rock'.  Peter was to become the rock on which Jesus would build His Church, in that way becoming the first leader of the Church.

Peter, like us, was not perfect.  He cowardly denied knowing Jesus at Jesus' arrest but he repented and was forgiven.  Peter went to Rome and converted many pagans.  This deeply upset the Romans, who began to persecute the Christians.  They captured Peter and decided to crucify him.  When he heard of this, he asked to be crucified upside down, as he felt he was not worthy to die the same way as ‘His Master'. His Feast Day is celebrated on 29 June with St Paul. St Peter's School also celebrates The Chair of St Peter Feast Day on the 22 February where Peter is recognised as the first Bishop of our Church. During this celebration, the school inducts the new school leaders for each year.


Principal: Mrs Tracy Nuttall

15-17 Anderssen Street
Halifax QLD 4850

P: (07) 4777 7431
F: (07) 4777 7631

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