St Peter's Catholic School


Enrolment for Prep

The child must turn five by June 30 in the year they start prep. If you have a child turning five by June 31st in the year they start prep, please contact our school for information on early enrolment.

Enrolment for Year One

Children must be six by June 30.

All enrolments

Enrolments are made by filling out an enrolment form and making an appointment with the Principal. An interview is then arranged with the parents and child following processing of the application.

Enrolment Documents

The Application for Student Enrolment is to be completed in conjunction with the Enrolment Notes Booklet. The Application for Student Enrolment can be filled out on line (as a PDF fillable form) but must be printed out, signed and returned to the school. Links to both documents are below. 

St Peter's Catholic School Parent Handbook


Principal: Paula Jerome

15-17 Anderssen Street
Halifax QLD 4850

P: (07) 4777 7431
F: (07) 4777 7631

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