St Peter's Catholic School

Our Parish

St Peter's Catholic Church is located in Scott Street Halifax.

St Peter's Catholic Church is the hub of the Catholic Community in the Lower Herbert District. The Church grounds back on to St Peter's Catholic School sports field. Mass is held each Sunday at 7:00 am.

St Peter's Catholic School students host a Mass at 8:45am every second Wednesday during school terms. The students participate in the readings and singing Hymns.

St Anthony's Church located at Bemerside is also in our parish. The Feast of St Anthony is held annually in the church grounds. It is the only religious procession held in our diocese. Visitors travel many hundreds of kilometres to attend this important religious event. The activities commence with a procession followed by Mass. After Mass, there are many activities including food and refreshments. The Feast of St Anthony concludes with a huge fireworks display.


Principal: Mrs Tracy Nuttall

15-17 Anderssen Street
Halifax QLD 4850

P: (07) 4777 7431
F: (07) 4777 7631

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We are in week 7 of school holidays
Term 1 starts Tuesday 29 January 2019