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School History

School History

St Peter's Catholic School has a rich history here in Halifax, first starting out as St Theresa's Convent and Boarding School back in 1927.


The old Church in Halifax, which was first built in 1914, is converted into a combined church and school by being raised on high blocks and having two verandas added.


The Sisters of Mercy begin teaching at what is then called St Theresa’s Convent and Boarding School at Halifax in January. The sisters provide day school facilities for boys and girls to scholarship standard and boarding facilities for 40 boys aged 6 to 12 years old in the large convent. On 3 July, Bishop Joseph Shiel visits to bless and officially open the school.


On 5 October the Sisters of Mercy conduct a garden fete in the convent grounds.


On 16 November, during silver jubilee celebrations for the school, Bishop Hugh Ryan blesses and officially opens a new infant school and large play shed at St Theresa’s. The building is actually the original presbytery which has been enlarged and improved.


During the first half of the year, a team of volunteers paint the interior of the school, both upstairs and downstairs. They also completely replace the floor of the school building. To celebrate the completion of the work the school holds its first of many annual dinners, inviting more than 200 guests from across the parish. A new roof is also donated to the school by a local farmer.


Renovations continue at St Theresa’s Convent and Boarding School, with 52 volunteers working together to paint the exterior of the buildings and replace the guttering and drain pipes.


A shortage of sisters and improved transport to and from the school leads to the closure of boarding facilities at St Theresa’s Convent School.


On 4 January the old St Theresa’s church and school building is demolished to make way for a modern new school complex. For the six months that it takes to build the new school, classes are held in the old boarding house. With the completion of the new complex the school is renamed St Peter’s Catholic School, and it is blessed and officially opened by Bishop Leonard Faulkner on 8 June.


The Halifax parish purchases a small bus to transport children to St Peter’s to help keep the school operating. The Parish Priest, Fr Publius Cassar, drives the bus each morning and afternoon for four years.


On 5 July, Bishop Faulkner informs Fr Publius Cassar that the Sisters of Mercy will no longer be able to supply sisters to teach at St Peter’s Catholic School. The School decides to trial lay administration of the school for the next two years. 


The school comes under lay administration and Patrick Smith is welcomed as the first lay principal of St Peter’s Catholic School. At the end of the school year the Sisters of Mercy were withdrawn from the school. On 3 December a function is held to formally thank and farewell the Sisters. Bishop Faulkner presides at a concelebrated Mass followed by a small concert, a presentation to the sisters and a barbecue.


With the two year trial period of staffing St Peter’s Catholic School with lay teachers being declared a success, a residence is provided for the principal, who had been living at the Capuchin Friary. The new principal’s residence is blessed and opened by Bishop Leonard Faulkner on 22 December. The Parish also bought a bigger bus to cater for the growing population of the school.


Robert Dalla Pozza is welcomed as the second lay principal of St Peter’s Catholic School.


Carmel Ashton is welcomed as principal of St Peter’s Catholic School.


Bernadette Williams is welcomed as principal of St Peter’s Catholic School.


Janette Allen is welcomed as principal of St Peter’s Catholic School.


Kathy Taylor is welcomed as principal of St Peter’s Catholic School.


Damir Muftic is welcomed as principal of St Peter’s Catholic School.


Prep and Year 1 students at St Peter’s Catholic School prove to be winning gardeners two years in a row. In 2006 they win prizes at the Ingham show for their carrots and Italian parsley, and they win again this year for their zucchinis and lettuce.


Penny Collins is welcomed as principal of St Peter’s Catholic School.


On 23 July, all the students from St Peter’s Catholic School travel to Townsville to participate in the Diocesan Launch Mass for Catholic Education Week. Following Mass, Bishop Michael Putney gives the students a guided tour of the Sacred Heart Cathedral and explains the significance of each part of the building. The bishop also visits St Peter’s Catholic School during the week.


Johnathon Greer is welcomed as principal of St Peter’s Catholic School.


St. Peter’s Catholic School teams up with Gilroy Santa Maria College to create an Indigenous garden. Staff and students work together to create a carpet snake design in the garden, featuring a series of stepping stones.


Tracey Nuttall is welcomed as principal of St Peter’s Catholic School.


Mary-Ellen Pattinson is welcomed as principal of St Peter’s Catholic School.


Paula Jerome is welcomed as principal of St Peter’s Catholic School.

Patron Saint

St Peter

Saint Peter, the first Pope and Prince of the Apostles, was a simple fisherman, when Jesus invited him to follow Him, saying, "I will make you a Fisher of Men".

He was originally called Simon, but Jesus changed his name to ‘Peter' which means ‘Rock'. Peter was to become the rock on which Jesus would build His Church, in that way becoming the first leader of the Church.

Peter, like us, was not perfect. He cowardly denied knowing Jesus at Jesus' arrest but he repented and was forgiven. Peter went to Rome and converted many pagans. This deeply upset the Romans, who began to persecute the Christians. They captured Peter and decided to crucify him. When he heard of this, he asked to be crucified upside down, as he felt he was not worthy to die the same way as ‘His Master'. His Feast Day is celebrated on 29 June with St Paul. St Peter's School also celebrates The Chair of St Peter Feast Day on the 22 February where Peter is recognised as the first Bishop of our Church. During this celebration, the school inducts the new school leaders for each year.